World-class technology to boost institutions and their students success.

Virtual Ed Global offers a portfolio of tools and technologies that help institutions improve their operational efficiency, create data-driven culture and decision-making, empower their teams, and improve students’ experience at every stage of their life cycle.

AI-Powered Predictive & Prescriptive Analysis

Predictive and prescriptive software that converts data into valuable, real-time insights through the use of artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning. It allows making  timely and effective decisions that impact on key indicators throughout the student’s stages, improving student experience, and the institution’s sustainability.

Academic Offer Management

Custom software developed to manage the institution´s academic offer in any of its training levels, campuses, and models. Its complete tool kit facilitates the setting up, and management of price policies, record and monitoring of payments, agreements, scholarships, and discounts, among others.

Academic Scheduling

Custom software developed to organize and manage the planning of activities related to the academic year. This technology offers a triple benefit: each student goes through the curriculum in an optimal way in terms of training and timing, teachers can have an optimized workload assignment, and the institution achieves an optimal distribution of its resources.


Platform that allows optimizing the decision-making process and designing effective strategies. In this portal institutions find valuable market information, comparative analysis and industry trends, 100% curated by experts in Higher Education management and data analysis.


Virtual Ed Global has developed numerous CMSs in the Education industry using open source technology. We help create world-class digital experiences and deliver CMS content to any digital product, channel or device. It also allows you to create functional APIs that fit any integration needs, without the limitations of a “canned” solution.


Virtual Ed Global works with leading technologies in Higher Education to offer a robust and customized CRM, adapting to particular needs. It allows you to design personalized and automated experiences, build more meaningful relationships with the student at all stages, and empower advisors with omnichannel and integrated management tools that offer a 360° view of contacts.

Evaluation System

Patented technology that provides institutions with a complex, safe, and proven evaluation system that certifies the quality of the teaching-learning process. It is a software that integrates into a database of multiple-choice questions to create exams. They allow students to be evaluated through simulated situations where they can apply and relate theoretical concepts into practical cases.


We are experts in the integration and implementation of learning management systems that are easily and frictionlessly integrated into existing systems. They enable effective teaching and learning experiences through online or hybrid models that encourage ongoing educator-student interaction.


Advanced software to help educational institutions assure academic integrity by means of the use of technologies that allow remote supervision of online evaluations in a safe, reliable, and stable manner.  It offers native integrations with leading LMS in the market.


Student information system designed by and for Higher Education institutions. Our SIS provides the necessary technology and flexibility for institutions to raise the standard in student service, manage information centrally, and provide modern and efficient experiences. It offers a wide range of functionalities to render an immediate, precise and personalized service through an end-to-end management of all dimensions of the institution.

Student Help Desk

This product combines different support technologies that help institutions create a frictionless student experience. Regardless of the channel students choose for the interaction, they will easily get the answers they need, with shorter case resolution times thanks to the use of automation, AI-powered bots, self-management areas, and knowledge bases.

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