We combine leading technology and specialized know-how in Higher Education to offer cutting-edge solutions to the challenges faced by institutions today.


Solution that integrates world-class technologies, artificial intelligence and customized services to simplify the information, enrollment, re-enrollment, and financial aid processes.

  • Increase enrollments and optimize KPIs through the use of AI.
  • Direct efforts to the right prospects.
  • Simplify the enrollment process and eliminate friction.
  • Empower advisors with tools, and task automation.

Institutional Management

It raises the standard in student service, and helps handling all information through a Student Information System for a comprehensive institution management.

  • Encourage self-management throughout the student's journey.
  • Decentralize internal processes that impact on students, reducing response time.
  • Apply a modular architecture based on an API Manager that allows boosting the power of the solution by integrating other institution systems and technologies.


Identifies at-risk students, improves retention, and fosters student-centric culture and processes, through a solution that integrates world-class technologies, artificial intelligence, and tailored services.

  • Detect dropout patterns and causes through the use of AI to take action on at-risk students.
  • Eliminate friction and improve student satisfaction through the use of integrated technologies, omnichannel support, and automated processes.
  • Empower staff with tools for personalized and comprehensive advice.

Strategic management

This solution helps overcome the challenges of managing education institutions in situations of high complexity and uncertainty. It allows to leverage opportunities and optimize decision-making thanks to our platform featuring market information 100% curated by experts in higher education management and data analysis.

  • Make decisions based on dashboards with market information from official, own, national and international sources.
  • Access international trends, news, and resources curated by a team of industry experts.
  • Reduce decision-making time by 70%, increase effectiveness, and improve data analysis and data-based decision making skills.


This solution propels the transition to hybrid or online learning models. By integrating world-class technologies, artificial intelligence and tailored services, it helps create more flexible academic schemes and more effective learning experiences.

  • Empower educators with agile tools that allow greater interaction with the student.
  • Design engagement plans with the student based on their academic progress.
  • Detect patterns and identify the optimal learning path for each student through the use of artificial intelligence.
  • Remotely supervise the evaluation process, guaranteeing the identity of the person evaluated through the use of artificial intelligence and biometric technology.
  • Digitize your academic content and incorporate cutting-edge multimedia resources– videos, infographics, animations, games, simulations, immersive experiences and interactive content compatible with leading LMSs on the market.

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